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Model: Ledgestone

SKU: conf_3414500286012

* Camp Obligatoriu

  • Descriere produs

    The chiselled rough face of Brasilia will bring texture and design to any ordinary space. Brasilia is a great choice for accent walls in a kitchen, bathroom, living room or even a spa area. The natural look of the Brasilia stones will give an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity to any room. These ledgestones will suit the most contemporary to eclectic home décors. The Brasilia ledgestones are also perfectly suited to be installed on a façade wall or on large garden walls. They will blend beautifully with patio furniture and will be enhanced with accent exterior lighting. Made of reconstituted stone, these ledgestones are very easy to install. No grout is required. The ledgestones are a new generation of veneer stones manufactured to make installation as simple as possible. The preparation and installation is quick and easy and a professional result is easily attainable by using the step by step instructions or by watching the online instruction video. The installation is as easy on an exterior wall as on an interior wall. The Brasilia Atlantic ledgestones are suited to be used around fireplace surrounds or in humid areas such as a bathroom. It is also very easy to maintain on the interior with the use of a hoover. To protect the beauty of these ledgestones it is recommended to use the suggested protection spray.
  • Detalii produs

      Ambalaj Dimensiuni Grosime Piese pe cutie Reacţie la foc ȋn conformitate cu standardul NF EN 13501-1 Classificare M Cod de bare
    Placare Suprafaţã pe cutie: 0,5 m2, greutate: 13,5 kg 20; 30; 50 cm x 10 cm 2,5 cm 10-20 pieces A1 Necombustibil 3414500286012

    Materiale şi consumuri medii

      Adeziv pentru exterior MODULO Spray protectie
    Placare 2.5 kg / cutie 1 sticla / 18 cutii
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