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Model: Ledgestone

SKU: conf_3414502005031

* Camp Obligatoriu

  • Descriere produs

    Ural Black is a most striking bulky geometric ledgestone with a dark side. The stones are of alternating sizes and are stacked to create an intriguing geometric pattern with a hangover. Ural Black will provide a very glamorous backdrop in a bathroom and transform the space into a luxe spa retreat. The depth of the colour will give a sense of cosiness and haven. The interest provided by the pattern of the stones will be heightened with accent lighting. The Ural black ledgestones will also instantly change a plain bedroom into a boutique-hotel style refuge. Although robust in appearance, the Ural Black ledgestones are easy to install and lightweight. There is no need for additional wall support and they can be fitted directly onto drywall on an interior wall or an exterior cement block wall using the recommended adhesive. These ledgestones are packaged in easy to carry boxes and are provided as interlocking plates. These interlocking plates are therefore easy to position on the wall just like a puzzle. As these are tight-fitting ledgestones, there are no joints to grout. The fitting of these stones can easily be accomplished by a do-it-yourselfer with impeccable results by using the guidelines and the videos provided on our website at a fraction of the cost of a professional installation. The Ural ledgstones can also be installed on an exterior wall or on a fireplace surround. These stones do not require regular maintenance. Dust and debris that accumulates on the stones over time can be removed using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Detalii produs

      Ambalaj Dimensiuni Grosime Piese pe cutie Reacţie la foc ȋn conformitate cu standardul NF EN 13501-1 Classificare M Cod de bare
    Placare Suprafaţã pe cutie: 0,5 m2, greutate: 14,2 kg 39,5 cm x 15 cm 4 cm 9 pieces A1 Necombustibil 3414502005031

    Materiale şi consumuri medii

      Adeziv pentru exterior MODULO Spray protectie
    Placare 2.5 kg / cutie 1 sticla / 18 cutii
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