Murival EasyBlock™

Murival EasyBlock™

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Murival EasyBlock™

Modèle: Pierres de murailles

Réf. : conf_3414502303014

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  • Description du produit

    Murival Old Stone veneer is a rough cut block stone with lots of allure and light grey tones. The cuts of the stones alternate in sizes and have a chiselled surface to give a wall with the Murival Old Stone veneer an overall natural magnificence. Murival Old Stone is part of the newly launched EasyBlock™ line. The installation of the EasyBlock™ stone veneers is four times faster as the stones are engineered into interlocking plates of four stones. The plates are placed on the wall like a puzzle on a straight line in a staggered fashion with the specified adhesive. The joints in between the stones can be grouted or can be left un-grouted depending on the desired look. The light soothing tones of the Murival stones can provide a subdued natural backdrop in a contemporary kitchen where the texture of the stones combined with minimalistic cabinetry create a “laid-back glamour” design. The Murival Old Stone veneers can instantly change a bathroom into a natural spa retreat. The Murival Stones can be used to clad a fireplace surround to create a focal interest in a living room space. To complete the installation on a corner wall, the Murival Old stone flats can be complemented with the Murival corner stones to add to the robust feel of the wall. The Murival Old Stone veneer can also be installed in the exterior on a garden or patio wall or in a combination of an interior and exterior wall to blur the lines between the outdoors and the indoors.
  • Détails du produit

      Conditionnement Dimensions Épaisseur Pierres par boîte Réaction au feu selon la norme NF EN 13501-1 M Classification EAN Code
    Produit Surface couverte: 0,5 m2, poids: 15,8 kg 21.5-35 cm x 11.5-14 cm 3,5 cm 15 Pierres A1 Incombustible 3414502303014

    Fournitures et utilisation moyenne

      Colle extra MODULO joint a l'ancienne Le spray de protection MODULO
    Produit 5 kg/m2 3 kg/m2 9 m2/bouteille
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