New Valois

New Valois

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New Valois

Modèle: Pierres des champs

Réf. : conf_3414500270011

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  • Description du produit

    The New Valois field stones are an exact reproduction of French field stones with their unique texture and embedded fossils. The New Valois field stones have an authentic limestone appearance with a highly textured surface which will create an eye-catching interest on an interior or exterior wall. The New Valois stone veneers will give an exterior facade a rustic and timeless French chic. The exterior can be merged to the interior by applying the Valois stone veneer on an interior wall and exterior wall. This will create an awesome natural effect of blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors. On an accent wall in a kitchen, the New Valois stone veneer will blend beautifully with a modern contemporary décor to create a balance between the old and the new and will create warmth with its timeless texture and appearance. The New Valois stone veneers have been engineered to make the installation within the reach of non-expert do-it-yourselfer and therefore reducing the costs of this stone design option significantly. The New Valois stones have a flat back and can be simply adhered directly onto drywall on the interior or a cement block wall on the exterior by using the recommended adhesive. It is important to use the recommended accessories and adhesives to ensure a long lasting professional result. The joints of the New Valois stones will need grouting with the “old-fashioned” grout, which will give the final authentic timeless touch to the wall with its apparent miniature pebbles. The New Valois stones can be installed around a fireplace surround to create beautiful natural focal point in a living space.
  • Détails du produit

      Conditionnement Dimensions Épaisseur Nombre de pierres par boite Réaction au feu selon la norme NF EN 13501-1 M Classification EAN Code
    Produit Surface couverte: 1 m2, poids: 17,3 kg 18-37 cm x 11-25  cm 1.2-2.3 cm 21 pièces A1 Incombustible 3414500270011

    Fournitures et utilisation moyenne

      Colle extra MODULO joint a l'ancienne Le spray de protection MODULO
    Produit 5 kg / boîte 3 kg / boîte 1 bouteille / 9 boîtes
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