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Modèle: Pierres taillees

Réf. : conf_3414500179017

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  • Description du produit

    Beleza Grey Horizon is a beautiful cut ledgestone with deep grey colour variations. The natural texture will enhance any interior and give the very robust feel of stone. The ledge stone patterns are perfect for creating a minimalistic, contemporary, natural style in your home décor. The Grey colour is quite neutral and can be a stunning backdrop for contemporary home furnishings. It also provides a room with a feel of serenity and tranquility. Whatever the space might be, including stone veneer as an interior decor element greatly enhances the style of any room. Beleza Grey Horizon is perfect for creating accent walls. Beleza Grey Horizon can be used on most interior rooms with the exception of fireplace surrounds and wet and humid areas such as a bathroom. Installing Beleza Grey Horizon does not require any masonry skills. The installation is undertaken without grout on most types of interiors wall surface. After adequately preparing the wall, the ledgestones are placed and held to the wall with the recommended glue. Please refer to the images on the box to use as an inspiration for the pattern to replicate on your wall. By following the easy steps outlined in the instructions or in the available video, the result will be of professional quality and be very rewarding. The stones can be maintained easily with the use of a hoover to remove particles of dust. It is also a good idea to finish off your project by spraying the stones with the recommended protective spray.
  • Détails du produit

      Conditionnement Dimensions Épaisseur Nombre de pierres par boite Réaction au feu selon la norme NF EN 13501-1 M Classification EAN Code
    Produit Surface couverte: 0,97 m2, poids: 19,4 kg 36 cm x 10 cm 3 cm 27 pièces A2 Incombustible 3414500179017

    Fournitures et utilisation moyenne

      Modulo colle Le spray de protection MODULO
    Produit 3 kg/m2 9 m2/bouteille
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