Manhattan EasyBlock™

Manhattan EasyBlock™

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Manhattan EasyBlock™

Modèle: Briques

Réf. : conf_5945763003477

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  • Description du produit

    The Manhattan bricks are now available in an even easier installation format with the EasyBlock™ system. The bricks come in plates of four bricks and do not even require the additional grouting step. The vintage industrial décor, where structural elements such as a brick wall are exposed, can be achieved almost instantly. The stark colour of these bricks will create light and a sense of space in a room. The Manhattan EasyBlock™ bricks will combine superbly with the most contemporary to classic furnishings to create a loft-style urban chic design. With the EasyBlock™ installation system, the installation time is reduced four fold. The Manhattan EasyBlock™ bricks are provided in practical boxes and in a plate format that easily interlocks like a puzzle when positioned on the wall. The brick plates are glued directly onto the plasterboard with the specified interior adhesive. The adhesive is pre-mixed to further reduce the time of the installation. With the EasyBlock™ system, grouting is optional. The joints are nevertheless easily grouted using the pouch provided. A vintage brick wall with Manhattan EasyBlock™ can instantly appear in your interior and a professional result is within the reach of the most beginner handyman with the help of the instructions and videos provided on The Manhattan EasyBlock™ brick veneer is a stunning addition to a living room, bedroom, or study. This brick veneer should not be used as a fireplace surround or in a wet and humid area. These vintage bricks are easily maintained with the use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris that can accumulate over time on the bricks. As these bricks are of a light tone, it is recommended to finish the installation by protecting the bricks with protection spray.
  • Détails du produit

      Conditionnement Dimensions Épaisseur Pierres par boîte Réaction au feu selon la norme NF EN 13501-1 M Classification EAN Code
    Produit Surface couverte: 0,52 m2, poids: 8,33 kg 47 cm x 14 cm 2.5 cm 10 Pierres A1 Incombustible 5945763003484

    Fournitures et utilisation moyenne

      Modulo colle MODULO joint blanc Le spray de protection MODULO
    Produit 2 kg / boîte 2 kg / boîte 1 bouteille / 17 boîtes
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