Mur Mur

Mur Mur

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Mur Mur

Modèle: Pierres des champs

Réf. : conf_3414500115015

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  • Description du produit

    Mur Mur is an exquisite French field stone with timeless appeal found in French country farmhouses. The stones have a limestone appearance and a rugged texture with embedded marks of fossils. The mur-mur fieldstones provide a rustic backdrop which will complement beautifully classic furnishings or more contemporary elements to create an easy glamour style. The light tone of this limestone field stone will create a sense of light and space in a room. The rough fossilised surface will be enhanced with natural and accent lighting. Mur-mur will create a dazzling visual effect in a living room, bedroom, hallway or study. The mur-mur stones are not suitable in a wet room, near a fireplace, or on an exterior wall. Mur-mur fieldstones are easily applied directly to plasterboard using the recommended interior adhesive. These fieldstones are packaged in easy to carry packs and are engineered to be lightweight with a flat back. The stones are easily cut to fit and broken pieces can also be used in small spaces and will add even more interest. Once your Mur-Mur fieldstones have been glued onto your interior wall, the joints are filled with the “old-Fashioned” grout. This grout will give your interior wall the authentic timeless look with its apparent miniature pebbles that only become visible with age. To finish off a corner wall, there are complementary corner stones for the Mur-mur flat stones. The corner stones will give an additional authentic and robust feel to an interior corner wall. To protect your mur-mur field stones, it is advisable to use the recommended protection spray after the grout has completely dried.
  • Détails du produit

      Conditionnement Dimensions Épaisseur Nombre de pierres par boite Réaction au feu selon la norme NF EN 13501-1 M Classification EAN Code
    Produit Surface couverte: 1 m2, poids: 12 kg 19-37 cm x 12-27 cm 1.8-3 cm 21-23 pièces A2 Incombustible 3414500115015

    Fournitures et utilisation moyenne

      Modulo colle MODULO joint a l'ancienne Le spray de protection MODULO
    Produit 3 kg/m2 3 kg/m2 9 m2/bouteille
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